If you’re looking to continue your journey in the field of neuroscience here are a few suggestions for the summer and beyond.

Behave: This recently published tome by Robert Sapolsky is a fantastic look at the nature of behavior from the perspectives of neuroscience, evolution and social context.

The Nature Podcast: Every week, Nature releases a podcast that looks at recent scientific advances, and with all that’s happening in neuroscience, the podcast often has reporting on that field. A recent episode describes exciting new research about the thalamus.

Nature‘s News & Comments section is also an excellent way to keep up to date on scientific research. Just a week ago, there was a story about ketamine as a treatment for depression, and now that you’ve looked at how neurotransmitters & their receptors work, you’ll have some good perspectives on the discussion of the NMDA receptor in this article.

NPR’s Science section always has excellent reporting on scientific discoveries, and they keep a close eye on neuroscience. Here’s their recent story on neuroscience research using organoids.

Invisibilia, Hidden Brain and more: speaking of NPR and podcasts, NPR has a variety of podcasts that regularly or occasionally consider neuroscience perspectives.

Hope you all have a good summer!