Cellular Neurobiology

Spring 2017



Final Exam, Part 2

Instructions Read the journal articles linked below, and answer the questions as thoroughly as you can.  You may use whatever you resources you would like. If you work together with other students, you may submit one set of responses with... Continue Reading →


Exam on May 2nd

We'll have an exam during our class meeting on May 2nd. This exam will include a portion that you can continue working on at home, if you would like.

Action Potential Quizzes

If you weren't in class to receive these quizzes to test you knowledge on the action potential, you can download them here: action potential quiz 1 action potential quiz 2 Please complete and hand them in ASAP.

Course Textbooks

Please obtain our two course textbooks ASAP. Basic Neurochemistry edited by Brady, et al. The Machinery of Life by David Goodsell

Welcome to Neurobiology!

Welcome to our course blog for CBIOL 3311, Cellular Neurobiology; here, information regarding class prep, assignments and more will be posted regularly. Please bookmark this page to stay up to date.

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