Cellular Neurobiology

Spring 2017


Class Discussion

Vision: The Mantis Shrimp and Color Perception

The mantis shrimp is an amazing little creature with eyes that have impressive capabilities. Check out this KQED Deep Look video below and try to relate some of what's described in the video with your understanding of sensory neurons and receptor proteins.... Continue Reading →


In Class 4/21: What’s in a synaptic bouton?

Today we'll take a brief look at the Science article Composition of isolated synaptic boutons reveals the amounts of vesicle trafficking proteins. We'll focus mainly on figure 1F and figure 3 (shown above and below).

Myelin Quiz

If you were absent or would like a copy to refer back to, here's the myelin quiz that was given during class.

In Class 1/31: Microscopes

What microscopes were used to take these images from the Wikipedia page on the neuron? How about these?

In Class 1/27: Reading Skeletal Structures

Since we will consider various molecules this semester and often see them written in skeletal structure, Here's a quick recap of the rules for reading the skeletal structures. Every place where lines (which represent covalent bonds) meet, there's a carbon. Every place... Continue Reading →

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