Cellular Neurobiology

Spring 2017


Class Prep

For 4/28: Taste & Smell

At last, it's back to the senses! To prepare for our class discussion on Friday, please read Basic Neurochemistry chapter 52, just the taste section and the subsection "Odorant recognition initiates a second-messenger cascade leading to the depolarization of the neuron and... Continue Reading →


For 4/25: Acetylcholine

To prepare for class on Tuesday, please read the following sections of chapter 13 in Basic Neurochemistry: Synthesis, storage and release of acetylcholine Enzymatic breakdown of acetylcholine, up to the subsection on inhibitors (through page 265 in the print version of... Continue Reading →

For 4/18: Synaptic Transmission

Please come to class on April 18th having read chapter 12 in Basic Neurochemistry through the section on the four groups of receptors (up to page 249 in the printed book); you can skip the sections on methods for studying exocytosis... Continue Reading →

For 4/14: How Old Does Myelin Get?

As you've been reading about the myelin sheath, you might have been curious about how long those layers of myelin last. A research team was curious about this too and looked at how myelin changes over time. Read the abstract and introduction... Continue Reading →

For 4/11: Myelin

Now that we've discussed the action potential, it's time to find out what allows it to propagate so quickly down certain axons: myelin! To prepare for class on April 11th, please read chapter 10 in Basic Neurochemistry through the subsection "Myelin... Continue Reading →

For 3/31: The Action Potential

At last, it's time to consider the action potential! Please prepare for our class discussion this Friday by reading at least one of the following: Two sections of Essential Cell Biology (if you still have your MCB textbook) in chapter 12... Continue Reading →

For 3/31: Willpower & Energy

Although willpower and ego depletion may be somewhat controversial, take a listen to this NPR conversation with John Tierney, coauthor of Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength. Note down points you think are important in this news story, to keep... Continue Reading →

For 3/21: Membrane Potential Reading

For class on March 21, please read the first three sections of chapter 4 in Basic Neurochemistry:  Membrane Potentials and Electrical Signals in Excitable Cells Action Potentials in Electrically Excitable Cells Functional Properties of Voltage-Gated Ion Channels You might find these... Continue Reading →

For 3/3: The Sodium-Potassium Pump

To prepare for class discussion on Friday, please read the P-Type Pumps and NA,K-ATPase sections of Basic Neurochemistry chapter 3 up to page 45, and this Molecule of the Month article by David Goodsell. Drawing upon the reading, determine the function... Continue Reading →

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