Cellular Neurobiology

Spring 2017



Keep Exploring!

If you're looking to continue your journey in the field of neuroscience here are a few suggestions for the summer and beyond. Behave: This recently published tome by Robert Sapolsky is a fantastic look at the nature of behavior from... Continue Reading →


Vision: The Mantis Shrimp and Color Perception

The mantis shrimp is an amazing little creature with eyes that have impressive capabilities. Check out this KQED Deep Look video below and try to relate some of what's described in the video with your understanding of sensory neurons and receptor proteins.... Continue Reading →

Touch: Hairs & Tickling

Recently, BrainCraft did a great video on ticklishness, which you can check out below. Tickling isn't usually the first thing with think of when we consider the neurobiology of touch, but how it works and why it came to be are... Continue Reading →

Neurotransmitters in the Media

You might have noticed neurotransmitters showing up in our media landscape. Here are a few examples to consider... An NPR News story last month looked at the use of ketamine as a treatment for depression and alludes to serotonin and glutamate, and a story last year... Continue Reading →

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in the Media

Now that we've taken a good look at the action potential, you should be in good shape to look into transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). TMS has been used for various studies, including some related to creativity. Last year, TMS research was picked up by... Continue Reading →

More on Neurons and Sleep

Here are the Quanta Magazine articles I mentioned briefly in class: "Researchers Tap a Sleep Switch in the Brain" "Did Neurons Evolve Twice?" Enjoy!

Ratio of Glia to Neurons: 3.76?

Although it was written in 2012, this Scientific American Know Your Neurons blog post has a perspective on efforts to estimate the number of glia present in the human brain.

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